It is our mission at Deer Park that all students feel happy, safe and able to succeed both inside and out of the classroom. We recognise that student wellbeing is at the heart of the success of all, and as such we are committed to ensuring everyone’s mental health and emotional wellbeing are a top priority. We pride ourselves in creating a supportive and nurturing environment with an appropriate framework of interventions in place if and when required. Wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do to ensure everyone at Deer Park is able to enjoy their education and reach their full potential. 

Our Vision

Our vision is for all our students and staff to be supported to develop the skills to be happy, resilient and emotionally strong to succeed within school and beyond. We achieve this by:

  • Promote the understanding of the emotional needs for all students in the school and have clear and consistent systems in place to help support those who need it. 
  • Have wellbeing underpin the wider curriculum and offer regular sessions during tutor time to help students understand their own mental health needs.
  • Offer regular staff professional development to help promote the understanding of the emotional needs and neurodiversity of all to help maintain academic standards.   
  • Create opportunities for students and staff to actively promote their own mental wellbeing.