Music Academy

The Deer Park Music Academy offers high quality instrumental and vocal tuition during the school day and into the evening situated in the well-resourced practise rooms at Deer Park School. At Deer Park we wish for every child to learn to play a musical instrument and to develop a lifelong love of Music.  As well as being beneficial for well being, there is growing evidence that learning to play an instrument can factor into students achieving more progress academically than they otherwise would. 

Instrumental lessons are given by either Hampshire Music Service Staff, Deer Park Staff or by private teachers and are 20 minutes long.  These are mainly paired lessons.

If you wish to have instrumental lessons, please either ask your music teacher or email for more information.  You will need to complete and return the instrumental lesson form in order to begin lessons.  You may have to go on a waiting list at first. 

Students will have the opportunity to showcase their musical abilities through an array of events within the school and the wider community.