Design Technology & Food

Design Technology & Food




The Design and Technology department at Deer Park believes in the joy of making and creating for everyone. D&T offers a vast array of life pathways and opportunities for all students, from trades to STEM and everything in between.

KS3 Overview

Our KS3 curriculum is focused on enjoyment, creativity, transferable skills and practical skills.

In year 7 D&T students gain foundation experience in each aspect of D&T, through a range of engaging projects that teach essential skills. Students will develop a love for the subject through the exciting and challenging experiences offered to them.

In year 8 the students build on their acquired skills whilst working on projects that require more resilience and problem-solving, as well as gaining confidence and independence in the workshop and kitchen.

Theory and written/designing skills are taught in both years through the 3 yearly projects which last for a term each. At the end of each project, students take their finished projects home and gain huge satisfaction and pride from showing them off to friends and family. In food, students alternate between cooking and theory lessons.

For students who choose to continue with D&T or Food into their GCSEs, the KS3 curriculum gives them the foundation and confidence required to progress to the next stage. For the students who choose another path, the curriculum provides them with key skills and knowledge that will serve them practically in later life.

KS4 Overview

The year 9 curriculum provides a GCSE learning experience in the different material areas of D&T. Students deepen their understanding of the world around us, whilst developing products that respond to design problems and briefs.

Year 9 in D&T and Food is designed to upskill and hone interests. More specialist equipment is utilised in their projects. In year 9 Food and Nutrition students develop their skills through more complex recipes and learn more about food science and providence.

Deer Park is very fortunate to have brand new, up-to-date equipment for the students to use including 3D printers, laser cutter, metal working facilities, traditional woodworking tools and machines, CAD/CAM computer facilities and a brand new Kitchen. All of these are used by students in KS4 which enables their designs and ideas to be realised in ever more exciting ways and helps to future-proof students in a rapidly changing technological world.

Years 10 and 11 are used to prepare students for their GCSE. D&T and F&N remain one of the few subjects to still retain controlled assessment elements and 50% of Students’ final GCSE grades is decided this way.

In year 10 students increase their theory and revision and will work on a longer project designed to emulate the controlled assessment requirements. While in F&N they will continue to develop their cooking skills taking more ownership over what they want to cook, developing their own recipes, again emulating the controlled assessment elements of the GCSE.

Finally, in year 11, most of the year is dedicated to the controlled assessment in which Students will research, design, build and evaluate their final project. Alongside this theory and revision sessions teach them the knowledge and understanding that they require for their GCSE final exam and their potential future careers in the field of D&T. In F&N their controlled assessment grade is split between food investigation and food preparation. In both D&T and F&N, the final 50% of their GCSE grade is decided in a written examination paper which covers the theory aspects of the courses.



Design and Technology offers a lot of opportunities for extracurricular. We have many plans for the future and our offerings will grow as our school and department grows. At present, we run:

  • D&T club runs weekly to enable KS3 students to push and develop their practical skills.
  • Food club is run weekly to enable students interested in cooking and baking to develop their skills and make more complex recipes.
  • KS4 intervention to support GCSE students with their work and controlled assessment.
Events and trips
  • Year 7 - LEGO Land, Windsor
  • Year 8 - Design Museum, London
  • 4 dedicated spacious Design and Technology workshops fully fitted with hand and machine tools.
  • Multimedia touchscreen board
  • Dedicated CAD/CAM computer suite
  • School-wide access to Chromebooks and Google suite
  • Laser cutter
  • 3D printers
  • Sewing machines
  • Fully fitted kitchen with gas and electric hobs and ovens.