Extra Curricular

Learning beyond the classroom is hugely important. Sport and recreation play an important part in a child’s development. A range of sporting activities will be offered utilising the excellent sports facilities at the school. Accessible to all students will be a range of sports clubs as well as competitive team sports.

In addition to sports, there will be opportunities for students to develop their interests and skills through clubs in other subjects such as music and drama. We believe that student involvement in extra curricular activities helps to develop confidence, independence and individual interests. It increases social interaction with others and takes a love of learning beyond the classroom.



Developing global citizens extends beyond the school gates and creating opportunities for students to visit and learn in different environments is vital to their development. Year 7 students will be invited to a team building event where they will get to know other students across the year group. The activities they will experience on this day will also develop a range of other skills such as communication, patience and the ability to support their peers.

Other opportunities will be offered as our students progress through the school, which will include day trips and residential trips abroad.