Relationships Sex Health Education

Relationships and Sex education (RSE) is taught as part of the Education for Life  programme as well as in Science. . It is taught to mixed sex and ability groups and incorporates the new government guidance. 

The biological and physical development of children forms part of the Science Curriculum. During Year 7 students are prepared for puberty and taught about the functions of sex organs.

All aspects of Sex Education are covered in greater depth during their Science and Education for Life lessons and this will be revisited as they move up through the school at and age and stage appropriate time.   

It is possible for parents to withdraw their children from Sex Education lessons if they wish . Alternative work and a place for individuals to study will be made available. Before taking this step, parents must put their request for withdrawal of their son/daughter in writing to the Headteacher.

A breakdown of the Education for Life program that covers the statutory requirements for RSE is shown on the latest RSE presentation.