eSafety & CEOP

In a world where children are "growing up in the digital age," it's important to help them learn healthy concepts of digital use and citizenship. Parents play an important role in teaching these skills, which can prove difficult, considering some children may have a better knowledge of the digital world than their parents.

There is an ever growing need to support children through situations that have arisen from digital use. Vodafone release a Digital Parenting magazine. To obtain a copy please click here

The majority of the information can be found on the Digital Parent website from Vodafone click here. You may find this useful and not only will it help to support you as a parent through these situations but also help to prevent them.

 Click here for our eSafety Guides

  • To visit the Parent Zone website for more supportive information please click here.
  • The latest eSafety news and updates please visit our eSafety Blog click here
  • For the latest advice from CEOP for Parents, Students and Staff click here
  • Childnet advice for Parents, Students and Staff click here
  • Google Safety Centre click here
  • Online Grooming advice click here
  • How to contact social media sites click here
  • Online sexual abuse: webcam and images click here
  • Dangers of sexting video click here

 Further age-appropriate advice can be found by clicking here and logging into the parent resource area for your child



If your child makes you aware of anything they are concerned about regarding online activity, please report to 101 if you feel that anyone is at risk, or contact CEOP.