Drama at Deer Park strives towards an appreciation and effort to assist pupils in personal, social, and cultural growth. Drama establishes positive relationships with the personal, social, and cultural realms of teaching, enabling students to reach their full potential. Through Drama we aim to educate and nurture the critical aspects of human development involving skills such as creativity, investigation, communication, empathy, self-confidence, cooperation, leadership, and negotiation. 

Pupils have creative freedom, and lessons allow students the opportunity to choose how they explore new skills. The transferable skills Drama offers students is vast and can additionally provide pupils with the emotional and social understanding they need in order to face the ever-changing world we live in.  


Year 7 and 8 Drama curriculum focuses on building personal and social skills. Students will work collaboratively to create relationships and build confidence through the realm of acting. Within this, students will learn key acting skills and techniques, exploring various styles of theatre. Students are given opportunities to create their own theatre using imagination and creativity. 



Students begin studying for their GCSE in KS4 using the OCR specification. The OCR specification allows students to explore theatre both practically and theoretically. Students also have the opportunity to choose technical elements to be assessed on as opposed to performance. KS4 builds on the skills from KS3, but has greater focus on analysing and evaluating theatre. Students develop critical thinking skills and begin investigating theatre in greater depth.



At Deer Park we offer a variety of extra curricular activities. There is a Drama Club which runs once a week. Within this club, students are encouraged to create their own performances based on skills and techniques they have developed in lessons. The Drama Club are given various projects throughout the year which subsequently lead to performances throughout the year. 

In the Autumn term we hold a Christmas Showcase which spotlights the fantastic work of all creative arts.  Additionally, we are eager to interact with the community, and enthusiastic actors will be encouraged to perform for local schools and care homes during the school year. 

In KS4, students  have a theatre trip each year and a series of practical workshops to aid their development in the GCSE. Additionally, In Year 9, students perform a set text to their year group. The text is linked to the English Curriculum and is a great co-curricular event. 

Every year the department will stage a musical at Deer Park. Deer Park’s first production is being staged in July 2024!