At the heart of the ICT Department at Deer Park, our aim is to make ICT and Computer Science an accessible and enjoyable subject in which all students are given the tools and opportunities to succeed. We strive to develop each student’s confidence in computing through experiencing a variety of different topics and having access to both hardware and software that will enhance their learning. The ICT department takes great pride in ensuring each student’s level of ability is identified, and they are supported in their learning throughout their ICT journey at Deer Park.

Students who find ICT to be a difficult subject are well supported; with drop in sessions available to all students, and reasonably adjusted resources.

ICT is an integral part of each student’s education, and at Deer Park we aim to provide them the skills required to navigate further education, and the world of work. Our aim is to ensure that every Deer Park student leaves school with the confidence and ability to navigate the digital world of today, and the future.


Year 7 and 8 students follow the KS3 National Curriculum.  All students follow a 2 year KS3 programme of study, and sit end of key stage exams in May of Year 8.  Students are taught effective use of the Google Suite and how to use the technology and software independently.

Topics covered in Year 7:

Autumn Term:

Digital Literacy


Google Mail and Drive

Google Classroom and Search

Google Docs

Google Slides

Google Sheets


Spring Term:

Create Your Own Adventure in Google Forms






Summer Term:





Comic Book Creation

Topics covered in Year 8:

Autumn Term:

Computer Science - Python 

User input







Spring Term:

Augmented Reality



Visualisation Diagrams





Conditional Formatting

Charts and Graphs


Summer Term:

Advanced Photoshop Skills

Computer Game Cover Design

Computer Game Cover Brief


Visualisation Diagrams

Marketing and Design Skills


Students begin studying for their IT Cambridge Nationals in Year 9. The course is 40% exam and 60% NEA (Non-examined assessment).

The Cambridge Nationals in IT covers:

  • Design Tools 
  • Human Computer Interface (HCI) in everyday life 
  • Data and testing 
  • Cyber-security and legislation 
  • Digital Communications 
  • Internet of Everything (IoE).
  • Data manipulation using spreadsheets
  • Using augmented reality to present information

Students will use their learning in practical, real-life situations, such as: 

  • using different applications and tools to design, create and evaluate IT solutions and products 
  • creating a data manipulation solution
  • creating an Augmented Reality prototype

This will help them to develop independence and confidence in using skills that would be relevant to the IT sector. The qualification will also help students to develop learning and skills that can be used in other life and work situations, such as: 

  • planning and designing IT solutions and products for a given purpose 
  • selecting the best tools and techniques to solve a problem 
  • solving problems by exploring different software application tools and techniques 
  • creating IT solutions and digital products
  • use of planning techniques to complete tasks in an organised and timely way
  • finding imaginative ways to solve IT problems



Students are encouraged to widen their ICT and Computer Science knowledge both in lessons and in extra curricular activities. They can take part in challenges in Robot Club and IT Club and have the opportunity to join the Deer Park TV Focus Group, where they learn video editing skills and create digital content to highlight the events occurring in the school. The focus group also visit the local care home to share their love of technology with the residents and make links within the wider community. 

Students have the opportunity to take part in Solent Coding Days, Cipher Day and they can visit Bletchley Park, the once top-secret hub of iconic Codebreaking. 

GCSE ICT students enjoy visits from Fareham College, where they can experience AR and VR technology that ties in with their course content, which helps with both coursework, and their ICT exam.