Vision and Aims of the Music department

A key component of the vision for Deer Park’s Music department is to make music enjoyable and accessible to all, regardless of prior experience and knowledge, giving all students the tools they need to participate and succeed in their music learning. Classroom teaching is complemented by a number of experienced instrumental specialists for those looking to develop their music skills further, allowing students to excel in a subject they are passionate about. The Deer Park Music curriculum encourages students to be creative, inspired and engaged as they journey through music from a variety of cultures, time periods and locations, whilst remaining an important factor in maintaining a healthy wellbeing. 

The music department is home to a number of practice rooms for students to use, containing a number of instruments used for peripatetic lessons as well as a place for students to practise during break times. These rooms supplement the two teaching rooms, which are both fully equipped with Apple Macs, often used to sequence and edit students’ work.

Our aim is for all students to end their musical journey with us more musically literate, creative and aware of the vast array of music that is available to them.


In Years 7 and 8, students will develop their musical skills and knowledge through schemes of work designed to develop both understanding and musical technique. Many lessons will also develop technology skills, with students making use of the software installed on the Apple Macs found in each room to produce and edit their work to a professional standard. Throughout the year, students will sing as well as perform, using a number of different instruments to perform and compose in a variety of different styles. 

Topics covered in Year 7:

  • Introduction to music and keyboard skills
  • African Music
  • Riffs & Hooks
  • Axis of Awesome’s Four Chord Song

Topics covered in Year 8:

  • Song writing
  • Music & Art
  • Dance Music
  • Samba


KS4 students follow the AQA Music GCSE syllabus, with students focusing on composition, performance and the listening element of the course. Throughout the course, students will be exposed to different genres of music and asked to compose their own work in some of these styles. 60% of the AQA Music GCSE is coursework, so students will be working towards completing 2 compositions along with 2 performances throughout the duration of KS4. Throughout the 3-year KS4 program, students will improve their understanding and competence with the 3 units that make up the GCSE:

  • Understanding Music
  • Performing Music
  • Composing Music


Extra Curricular and Trips

There are many opportunities for students to get involved in performances at Deer Park, and a range of extra curricular activities to get involved in.

Opportunities to perform include:

  • Christmas and Summer Concerts
  • Year group assemblies
  • Performances in the community (we have taken a number of performers to Hillier Garden Centre and Snowdrop Care Home)
  • Deer Park Music Festival

Workshops and visits

Students are able to access extra curricular music through a number of clubs that run through the school day, including ukulele club, percussion ensemble and choirs. Students will also take part in a number of workshops led by professional musicians in different disciplines, including percussion and vocal workshops. 

There are also opportunities to visit professional performance spaces, through our working relationship with Hampshire Music Service.