Virtual Parents' Evening

Year 7 Virtual Subject Parents’ Evening 7th (Elk), 9th (Fallow), 14th (Roe) & 16th (Sika) June 2022 – 3.30pm – 6.30pm

Last Updated 15:00 09/06/2022

Parents’ Evenings are an opportunity to talk about your child's engagement and progress with their subject teachers.

As usual, staff will be available for discussion by appointment.  These appointments will be 5 minutes long and you can make appointments via the school INSIGHT parent app.

  • Please book only one appointment with each staff member; should they teach your child for different lessons their progress in each subject will be discussed in the same 5 minute meeting. 
  • Staff that work across both schools in the Wildern MAT will not be available for a meeting at this point. 
  • Please prioritise the staff you wish to see.  It may not be possible to have appointments with all of them.
  • If there are two teachers for a subject please check with your son/daughter which one you should be making an appointment with. 
  • Leave at least 5 minutes between appointments so that you are able to find the hyperlink for the next meeting.
  • We expect that your son/daughter will accompany you during the evening.
  • A reminder that parents must attend each meeting on time because we have to adhere to strict timings to enable us to stick to the schedule.
  • You are invited to make appointments only on the night assigned to your child’s tutor group. Due to limited numbers of appointments you will not be able to make appointments on a different night. You will be sent a specific link to the virtual meeting prior to the appointments that wont be able to be used for a different evening’s appointments.

Elk Tuesday 7th June 3.30-6-30pm

Fallow Thursday 9th June 3.30-6.30pm

Roe Tuesday 14th June 3.30-6.30pm

Sika Thursday 16th June 3.30-6.30pm 

In order for the evening to be successful, please read the following which will explain further how the evening will work.

We look forward to seeing you.


Should any staff not be available, on a parents evening, updates will be shared below.

Unfortunately Mr Smith will be unavailable for parents' evening on Thursday 16th June 2022.  All appointments that have been made will be contacted over the course of the next few week.