Media Studies


Media is an incredibly important part of our daily lives. The study of Media will help students understand more about themselves as users of media but also about the role media plays in our society and culture today. In an ever-developing world of media, at Deer Park, we hope to provide students with the skills to understand and explore the media they are consuming as well as developing an understanding of why we consume media using a variety of theoretical frameworks. At Deer Park, students are encouraged and championed for questioning the media and addressing the problems and dangers we face when engaging with media. Not only do students develop an appreciation and an understanding of all forms of media, but students will also learn the practical skills to be able to recreate media texts effectively. Lessons are adapted to fit the current context of the media whilst also following the specification of the National Curriculum. 


Media Studies is one of the few subjects that students will not study at Key Stage 3.


At Key Stage 4, students are introduced to four key frameworks of Media Studies set out by AQA:

  • Media Language (how a media text communicates with its audience)
  • Media Audience (how to categorise and target audiences)
  • Media Representations (how different people are portrayed in the media)
  • Media Industry (how different media industries work and their history)

It is these four frameworks that are assessed by two terminal exams at the end of Year 11 and 1 NEA (non-examined assessment).