Headteacher's welcome

Welcome to our school website.

I am delighted to introduce you to Deer Park, a new secondary school in your local community. I have had the privilege of being involved in numerous stages of the school’s development. This involvement has enabled me to look at each aspect of student learning, from room layouts to specialist facilities which provide the platform for amazing experiences for our students.

Deer Park offers an exceptional learning journey for all of our students. We build positive relationships and nuture a culture focused on achievement and success within a new environment, where each individual is supported to grow and flourish. The teachers and leadership team are excited about the continued journey ahead and we are thrilled to be welcoming our second year group.

Deer Park has its own special identity but I am also proud to be a part of the Wildern Academy Trust family of schools. The principles of Care, Opportunity, Quality remain our core values that underpin our ethos. As a team we collaborate to support and challenge our learners to become independent, daring and articulate individuals who care for themselves and others, take all opportunities and thrive through quality experiences.

As parents, we value your contributions in shaping the school and being part of a new and growing community, which has the school at its heart. Our Parent School Partnership ensures the best experiences for our students.

Your child will join a school with high quality, experienced teaching staff who are caring and have the expertise and attributes to bring out the best in your child, in an environment that gives the sense of belonging to a special new community of learners.

Also, your child will be building a legacy. By seizing the amazing opportunities ahead of them they will join our current cohorts in evolving the kind, ambitious, daring and energetic culture that we have cultivated at Deer Park School. The students have given this fabulous building its soul and I look forward to you and your child joining us on our journey of excellence.

Mr M Jones